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Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or an elaborate event, you’re thrilled to be marrying the man of your dreams and can’t wait to start a new life together. You’re searching for a photographer who will document the moments & details; but you’d like more: someone who you click with; who can make art out of your day; someone who your family will love…and who will capture the pure romance of your love; respectful; professional; fun.

Thank you for stopping by. Martina is no longer accepting commissions for weddings. This page remains active soley for current brides.

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kind words

"We LOVED your selfie of the three of us and your sweet, sweet words (I had to read it to Bryce since he couldn't read through his tears - though this shouldn't surprise you). My mom could not stop talking about how amazing you were and how connected you really were to everyone there! Your work is just so stunning - I don't know how you do it, but when we saw the photos you've posted, we were just blown away.  Like how did that turn out that well?! You are amazing."

~M. Elder, Elora

"Martina, what can we say about the photos you took of our special day other than they are AMAZING! You managed to capture all of the big moments and still snap shots of all the small details. Ryan and I aren’t very photogenic and we were concerned about how everything would look, but you were so awesome at keeping it light and fun that it was impossible for us to not be genuinely smiling. We honestly had such great time working with you all day and you really made us feel at ease with the whole process. It was also so much fun having your family spend the week in Cuba with us and having everyone get to know each other before the ‘big day’. Our families have said many times since then how wonderful you and your family are and how blessed we are that you took the time to come on the trip and photograph our wedding. Back to the photos; AMAZING! We have looked at them so many times since we got them. We honestly can’t believe how wonderful they turned out and how you managed to capture all of the emotions of the day, We are excited to have these memories in print for the rest of our lives and to be able to show them to our future children someday. Getting married in Cuba was super easy and there wasn’t a lot of planning or stressing about details as many people have in a ‘traditional’ wedding. We did however want some ‘traditional’ things; such as a photographer and we are so glad you were able to do this for us. We have and will continue to recommend you to everyone we talk to about photos as we believe you have such a gift for capturing the moment and your photos are just stunning. Thank you again for joining our families on vacation (and for bringing expensive equipment to another country) so we could have such wonderful photos of our wedding. We love you and we cannot thank you enough for making lasting memories for us!"

~T & R LeBlanc, Cambridge

“I cannot stop looking at [my daughter,] Emily’s wedding pictures….fabulous work…beautiful bride captured on film. Thank you so much for once again doing such a wonderful job of capturing just how perfect the whole day was. It is soooo much fun reliving the day through your photography. I still look at Sarah’s pictures regularly [my other daughter, whose wedding you captured last year]…now I have Emily’s to add to my enjoyment. Not only are the family and friend pictures great, I love looking at all of the little decorating details you took pictures of…it sure is a lot of work putting on a wedding, but when you see the photographs it sure is worth every minute it took to put it all together. Thank you again for your vision and talent to bring the day to life again. I sure hope we can keep in touch…have a great summer with your family. Take it from me – your little girl will be all grown up before you know it…Time has gone by so quickly…it is almost frightening, so enjoy every second and I’m sure you do, but take as many pictures as possible…she will be a grown woman some day and hopefully you will also experience that proud, unbelievable feeling of watching her walk down the aisle…Thank you again.”

~ C. Ashton, Mother-of-the-bride (three times!), Paris, Ontario