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Martina, Owner/Photographer

Maybe you’ve taken a look at “my favourite things” and are thinking…wow…she’s all over the place. Yep, that would be because I am (and those are just the things I could photograph)! Always have been. I like to call it well rounded. I’m the never-stop, burn-the-candles-at-both-ends (thanks, Mom for that term), run-go-do kind of girl who loves baking peach pies, being the handy one in the house, driving stick shift, and spending a morning at the auction sale. I was on the swim team in high school and hold an Honours Arts degree in German (yes, I can even speak it – although it’s sad how much of my vocabulary I’ve lost since we moved back to Canada).

I am passionate, high-energy, enthusiastic & outgoing.

Long grasses, country air & the way the stars dazzle from my parents’ farm inspire me. I love working with small town people (and those who share their mentality), shooting in wide open spaces & gorgeous urban places and taking in the beautiful world around me. My clients often become good friends and I feel blessed & humbled by the awesome assignment of documenting their families & their milestones. It is a huge privilege.

I married the man of my dreams and in 2016 we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. We have an amazing daughter who is six. She is sweet as can be (most days), hilarious (gets it from her mother – haha!) and a real joy to share life with.


Brittany works behind the scenes for me on some of the many admin and support tasks. You might see her friendly responses pop into your inbox from time to time.


Meet "Marlene" - the mini schnauzer pup that's recently joined the team. She's resposible for all puppy snuggles, wet kisses and doggy love...I love dogs and you're always welcome to include yours in your sessions. In fact, Katie's mini schnauzer, Chester, was kind of the reason I started to take my husband's love of mini schnauzers seriously. Little Chester is the sweetest.

If you're interested in adopting a mini schnauzer, I can't say enough good things about our amazing BREEDER. It was worth the wait to get such a calm, lovely-tempered dog.

Continuing Education

I'm grateful to have attended the following workshops across North America:

Cherish Workshop, Toronto, 2015

Belle Lumiere Film Workshop, Charleston, SC, 2016

The Film Photographer's Workshop, California, 2017

Vero Workshop, Nashville, TN, 2017


Funny thing is, it's not about us.


Your stories. Your moments. Your life.

And we can't wait to meet you.